30 years dedicated to your transport of hazardous goods :

  • Special products
  • Alcohols and in particular biofuel components such as ethanol & methanol
  • Nitrogen solutions
  • Liquid bulk product: organic and mineral chemistry

A safety culture :

The company cultivates values based on safety within the framework for a more global approach of permanent improvement :

  • To better satisfy our customers
  • To assure the goods and people safety
  • To respect and protect our environment 

A large fleet adapted to your needs whatever are your products and their transport mode :

  • Combined road rail
  • Short sea and barges
  • Tank

Road and multimodal transport for your hazardous goods :

  1. What we do :
  • Chemical logistics is our business, and personal chemistry with customers our aim.
  • We bring 30 years experience of delivering for the chemical and petrochemical industries,
  • We are focused in road and intermodal transport of bulk liquid chemicals.

  1. Logistic :
  • We develop your logistic "door to door“

  1. Tanks adapted to your business :
  • For your multimodal transport we are using 35 000 L tank fitted with baffles and steam heating systems for warm product.