Our commitment :
Safety, Quality service, and team agility

company’s DNA

Safety has been at the heart of all of SOTRAPID's internal policy since its creation in 1986. Safety is an obsession even before taking up service, on the road, during loading and unloading operations and until returning home.

SOTRAPID operates as a transporter on the public domain. The drivers thus rub shoulders with the entire population on the roads, who obviously have no knowledge of the driving of our trucks, their size, their behavior, the constraints they impose.

In addition, we transport hazardous materials that would worsen the consequences of a possible disaster.

We therefore endeavor to ensure that no one, either on the road or in our establishments, is the victim of an attack on his person or his security. We strive to control and reduce emissions that could have a negative impact on our environment.

It’s a will; it’s a responsible choice.

Quality service meet our customer satisfaction requirement

Committed to a process of continuous improvement of our services for the satisfaction of our customers since 2005, we renew our ISO 9001 certification every 3 years.

The success of this approach depends on the respect of our commercial commitments.


The agility of SOTRAPID is reflected in its great responsiveness and the permanent concern for customer satisfaction.

As a result, this agility also allows great flexibility at the team level as to their organization according to needs.